About Us

At Evergrin Organics, we strive to give you something special. For us, it’s about much more than simply selling organic food. We aspire to becoming your partner, friend and mentor in achieving a healthful, ‘slow living’ existence. ‘Slow living’ is about reclaiming time and pleasure in our busy, everyday lives. In this post-McDonalds era, slow living embraces the ‘less is more’ philosophy. By consciously and mindfully choosing to do less, we achieve richer, more fulfilling experiences. Although ‘slow living’ extends to every aspect of our lives, it begins with what we eat and the environment we create. For example, a slow living person rejects fast food and enjoys fresh meals with their loved ones. Choices like these benefit more than just you and your family. They also benefit local farmers, independent businesses and the economics of our country. We believe that eating organic food is just the beginning of our journey into a healthy, slow living lifestyle.

Together we can make a difference

Everyone has the right to know and choose what is exactly in their food; its origins, processes and ingredients. But will you exercise or ignore those rights? At Evergrin Organics, we make it easy for you to stay informed, in control and mindful of food you purchase and consume. The way daily food is sourced, manufactured and prepared by industrial food chains continues to disappoint and shock us. We believe there’s never a good reason to abuse our planet. Or our animals. We make a stand by dedicating ourselves to delivering ‘real’ food to our local community,and by sharing our commitment to the organic way of life.