Organic is good for our health

Most of us have heard of some scary stories about synthetic chemicals in our food, such as insecticides, herbicides, fertilisers, growth hormones, and food additives. Some of us also know about genetically modified organism (GMO). ‘Organic’ is probably the only guaranteed way to avoid synthetic chemicals and GMO.
Moreover, it’s been shown that organic fruits and veggies contain more nutrients and antioxidants than their non-organic equivalents. And since they aren’t grown upon synthetic chemicals, they actually taste better.

Organic is about sustainability

Thanks to the lack of synthetic chemicals, organic foods do not cause pollution or the burning of fossil fuels.
As a result, organic farms must take extra steps to control insects and the grass. Live stocks feed on and control the growth of grass. Their manure fertilises the land and the crops. Fruits and veggies are rotated according to season, which also keeps the land fertile. All these form a sustainable cycle.

Support local organic farmers

Farmers are probably the only people who buy at retail prices and sell at wholesale prices. Without relying on GM seeds and synthetic chemicals, organic farmers are able to deliver their fresh produce to us under a sustainable local economy. That’s why Evergrin Organics proudly supports our lovely local farmers. It means we can offer the freshest produce available, save on fossil fuel – and keep local money local.

How to choose organic

Look for products with organic certification, as shown below.